Hi, I’m Michelle and I’m a Staff Writer at the Daily Dot, where I cover entertainment, pop culture, and geek culture. I specialize in television critique and analysis (e.g. Game of Thrones) but also write about film, comics, books, and other mediums.

I’m experienced in covering live events, press junkets, and conventions. Depending on the day I may cover politics, lifestyle, sports, and anything else I need to be on top of at any particular moment.

I graduated from Rowan University where I majored in Journalism (Broadcast and Online tracks) and Radio/Television/Film (Production Specialization). I worked at WGLS-FM and the Rowan Television Network while attending Rowan, and I’ve also written for WCAU-TV (NBC’s Philadelphia station) and The Whit.

You can find me on FacebookLinkedIn, TumblrTwitter, and Medium.